Ghillies Jacket Woodland Woolens - Aubergine


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The Ghillie's Jacket's nine pockets are well organized, sized, and positioned properly.  Pocket placement allows for immediate access to all gear; fly boxes, GPS,  phone, Bird ID handbook, binoculars, shells, chokes.  The arm pockets provide quick access to phone or jotter pad when afield.  The rear carry-all game pocket allows me to take lunch and a bottle of BraeVal on my hike.  The jacket acts as a layer in early fall and provides warmth without bulkiness in the winter.  Our Ghillie's Jacket performs in the field or on the town.   Tack button up front, two position cuff snap buttons, Buffalo leather patch and collar, flat sewn chest pockets, bellow arm, and rear carry all game pockets. “Ghillie” is a highland Scots term that refers to a man who acts as an attendant on fishing and hunting expeditions.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review