Our American History

falcon-in-buffalo-plaid-copy-2.jpgOur symbol is derived from the Rob Roy tartan of Clan MacGregor.  It was brought to America in the 19th century by my great uncle Big Jock McCluskey in the form of blankets and shirts to trade.  McCluskey came from the crags and Braeval of Scotland to the vastness of Montana where he established his ranch.  He was fascinated with the vast natural resources, the freedom to fish, pursue game and walk the lands that in his homeland were off limits except for lords and the titled.  Legend has it that Native Americans had never seen cloth dyed a brighter red, and believed it was made from the blood of McCluskey enemies and prey.  Like many things that crossed the Atlantic, the tartan received a new name and became distinctly American.  Buffalo Plaid was born.

- Gregor McCluskey, Founder