Proprietary Fabrics



BRÃEVAL goal is to make the most comfortable apparel in the world.  The comfort factor starts with our proprietary Tiera fabrics for fall & winter shirt styles combined with design details found no where else. 

Technically-advanced proprietary all-natural Tiera fabric ring spun of Merino wool, and long staple cotton resonates with the earth we travel on the way to adventure. Tiera fabrics provide climate control by self-regulating in various temperature spectrums. A superior, durable, luxuriant and all-natural alternative to synthetics, and petroleum-based performance fabrics. 

Wool, the strongest and best wicking fiber in the world; fused with long staple cotton known for its softness, comfort and high absorption blended together creates an outstanding performance fabric.  Tiera fabrics are of the earth 100% natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. 

Our colors and patterns are designed by BRÃEVAL and  inspired by the classic checks and plaids historically used as sporting camouflage in the highlands. The goal of Tiera fabrics is total comfort, whether in the field, or on the town.  



The robust Isle of Skye Boatmen off the western coast of Scotland required rugged woolen sweaters for their adventures and arduous seafaring work.  Out of necessity and ingenuity they devised a method of boiling their already world-renowned Scottish wool in an effort to make their sweaters not only resistant to the bracing Scottish climate, but also a softer and impervious wool that today remains highly sought after and difficult to produce.
Our Skye Boatman Boil®, made of fine merino wool, is boiled and felted using their ancient process, but modernized resulting in a more compact, denser wool that resists wind and water and is soft to the touch.


Jackets, Vests and Pants

Rob Roy MacGregor Buffalo Plaid meets our Buffalo Leathers. Our hand selected Free Range Buffalo hides produce a very durable and pliable leather with unique patinas and a strength not found in ordinary leather.  BRÃEVAL uses hand selected Buffalo hides in our vests, over shirts, and jackets.


Jackets and Vests

Shepherd‘s Tweed will serve you well in the field or on the town.  We traveled to the UK to develop our Shepherd’s Tweed from sheep that live in the harshest climate.  Woven in a traditional woolen 15 ounces per yard herringbone superior wicking, wind protection.  All natural fibers spun and woven in the British Isles the old fashion way makes our Shepherd’s Tweed an heirloom quality piece generational in value.  Each BRÃEVAL Shepherd’s Tweed is hand cut, and tailored for an active fit in the traditional way using only the finest Tweed and trimmings, milled and woven in the British Isles.


Jackets and Vests

Scottish seafarers created the first waxed cotton fabric in the late 1700s by applying fish oil and grease to their garments making them impervious to the bracing Scottish elements.  Today, BRÃEVAL sources STORM GLEN wax cotton from the world’s only vertically integrated Mill which weaves and treats their cotton fabric with a proprietary waxing method.

STORM GLEN wax cotton has reached its pinnacle in the form of BRÃEVAL garments!  STORM GLEN wax cotton is impregnated process with a unique formulation of various waxes that provide lifelong resistance to inclement weather.  This proprietary blend of waxes impart a high degree of water repellency, low temperature flexibility, high-melt-point, unique patinas, and perfect drape.  This all adds to the extreme durability of waxed cotton.  Over time, you will see and feel the unique patinas and individual character that BRÃEVAL and STORM GLEN wax cotton impart.