BRÃEVAL Distinction

For the upscale sporting connoisseur who equates the good life with outdoor travel and sporting adventure, the BRÃEVAL brand name represents the best combination of quality, luxury, and ruggedness - the apex of the sporting adventure category of men's apparel.  B R Ã E V A L' S goal is to make the most comfortable apparel in the world.  B R Ã E V A L clothing is not so much designed as it is engineered.  Infused with the style and finish of European men's sporting fashion, garments are also built for lasting comfort.  We've constructed each garment paying particular attention to reinforcing the stress areas resulting in the B R Ã E V A L difference featuring:  double layer pockets; triple-stitched and serged seams; box stitching; extra-full cut and long tails to name a few. And, we've identified other details that make our garments infinitely wearable: the hidden vented bi-swing back on shirts, and cape-vent back on sweaters; zip-vent sleeves on shirts, zip-off sleeves on sweaters; and below waist zippered security pockets on our shirts combine to make garments equally suited to town, social and casual business or country for outdoor sporting activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, falconry, adventure travel, and outdoor photography.