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Proprietary Fabrics

tiera-fabric.jpg BraeVal's goal is to make the most comfortable apparel in the world. The comfort factor starts with our proprietaryTiera® fabrics for fall & winter shirt styles combined with design details found no where else. 

Tiera is a durable yet luxurious blend of long staple cotton and fine merino wool that is ringspun into a strong, compliant thread to product fabric of unequalled comfort, softness and ease of care.

Shirts can be machine washed and dried. For best results, follow care label.
veranda-fabric.jpg Braeval spring and summer apparel is made withVeranda® , an all natural fabric blend. Veranda® blends are light - airy - crisp - fresh blends of all natural luxurious fabrics. Lightweight, wicking, breathable, rugged yet sophisticated, Veranda® fabrics are the ultimage in comfort and luxury.

Shirts come in a variety of natural blends. Woven patterns are made of silk and cotton with one pattern in 100% cotton seersucker. Solid wovens are a linen and silk blend, and the Halyard shorts are a rugged blend of cotton and linen.

All fabric blends can be machine washed and dried. For best results, follow care label.
skye-boatman-fabric.jpg The robust Isle of Skye boatmen off the western coast of Scotland required rugged woolen sweaters for their adventures and arduous seafaring work. Out of necessity and ingenuity they devised a method of boiling their already world-renowned Scottish wool in an effort to make their sweaters not only resistant to the bracing Scottish climate, but also a softer and impervious wool that today remains highly sought after and difficult to produce.

Skye Boatman Boil® of fine merino wool is boiled and felted using their ancient process, but modernized, resulting in a more compact, denser wool that resists wind and water and is soft to the touch.
buffalo-leather-fabric.jpg Rob Roy MacGregor Buffalo Plaid meets our Buffalo Leathers. Our hand selected Free Range Buffalo hides produce a very durable and pliable leather with unique patinas and a strength not found in ordinary leather. BraeVal uses hand selected Buffalo hides in our vests, overshirts, and jackets.